3 Steps to Securing Your Computer on National Computer Security Day

National Computer Security Day is the unofficial holiday of encouraging people to secure their computers and their personal information. And that includes small and medium-sized businesses.

So, what can the average business do to secure their computer systems? It’s not that difficult to top off your computer security, and it’ll require minimal disruption of your business.

Let’s look at a quick checklist you can use to improve your business’s computer security.

3 Steps to Securing Your Business’s System on National Computer Security Day

1. Use Multi-factor Authentication

Breaches happen constantly, and they even occur to massive enterprises. Websites you access can and are exploited, often exposing your username and password to hackers.  Further, you or your employees may be “phished” and accidentally give up your credentials.

Passwords aren’t enough.  You need a second verification method.  Ensure that you enable multi-factor authentication on all cloud services that support it such as Microsoft and Google.  As well, speak with your IT support about protecting your corporate network with multi-factor authentication.

2. Update your Software

Today’s complex computer systems come with complex vulnerabilities. It is important to ensure your business has managed security patching that keeps your operating system and productivity software suites, like Microsoft Office, up to date. If you are still using Windows 7, it is essential to act before Microsoft ends support in January to keep your network safe – either upgrade or enroll in extended security updates through your IT provider.

3. Get a Security Assessment

Just like a health check-up, a third-party security assessment can uncover concerns and empower you to act before tragedy strikes. A comprehensive security update should look at your perimeter security, cloud security, internal asset security, as well as the policies and controls in place in your organization. A security assessment isn’t about finding fault with your current IT; rather, it is a tool to provide actionable advice.

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