A New Way to Think About Your IT Partners

Count on your IT partners to deliver the best strategic guidance available. We are doing so through providing our IT clients with our new Fusion CXO service.

By Michael Contento, F12.net (formerly My Blue Umbrella)

We’re entering a time when technology is more important than ever. Workforces are transitioning to the permanent reality of a hybrid workforce. Cybersecurity is becoming ever more crucial. Artificial intelligence is generating incredible efficiencies in workflows—for the companies who are taking advantage of it.

Technology’s importance to business is the reason why your IT partners are key. F12.net (formerly My Blue Umbrella) is launching a new way to partner with our clients. We call it the Fusion CXO model. With it, we’re encouraging our clients to consider their IT partners as more than just the help desk solving their acute tech problems. Instead, we encourage a client seeking improved tech services to consider the strategic value of their IT partners.

Our Fusion CXO service provides the equivalent of an outsourced tech executive. It fuses the advantages of all the C-suite executives who typically work in the space. The chief information officer (CIO) is the strategic visionary who sets the company’s broad priorities from a tech perspective. The chief technology officer (CTO) executes the nuts and bolts of the CIO’s strategy. And the chief security officer (CSO) stays focused on keeping the company’s data safe from hacking attacks.

In terms of IT partners, we are your best choice. With our Fusion CXO offering, F12.net (formerly MBU) is the first to unite the advantages of all those positions. The CIO, CTO and CSO tend to be experienced and creative managers who can predict market disruptions before they happen, and position their employer appropriately to take advantage of them. The difference between a good IT executive, and a bad one, can save their company millions of dollars in efficiencies year over year. Consequently, excellent CTOs, CIOs and CSOs tend to command high salaries. But a full-time tech executive doesn’t make sense for some companies.

Where Our Fusion CXO Service Can Help

F12.nets (formerly My Blue Umbrella) Fusion CXO services provide our clients with access to the sort of strategic advice that a top-tier IT executive would provide—at just a small fraction of the price and something you should expect from IT partners who are truly in your corner. The following are scenarios where MBU’s Fusion CXO service would make sense:

Fast-Growing Company Poised for Steeply Ascending Headcounts—If growth is in your future you need access IT partners to provide tech guidance so that your infrastructure can scale efficiently. Some companies that fail to plan correctly for growth find themselves forced to reinvent their network, cloud services or cybersecurity each time they grow 10x. Such reinvention shouldn’t be necessary. F12.nets (formerly My Blue Umbrella) Fusion CXO service will help you set up your system correctly, the first time, to manage the cost of growth later on.

Your Company is Experiencing A Time of Technological Change

Still haven’t fully accommodated a hybrid work environment? About to get serious about your cybersecurity? The F12.net(formerly My Blue Umbrella) consultants who provide guidance to our Fusion CXO customers have decades of experience working at the forefront of change cycles. They’ve likely already lead an organization like yours through exactly your situation. The Fusion CXO arrangement secures you with the best advice as you’re navigating flux at a cost that amounts to a small percentage of a full-time employee.

Heading Into A Merger or Acquisition—Combining two companies, and their typically different tech infrastructure, can add complexity to corporate transactions at a moment when management on both sides needs to focus on integrating cultures. Worse, choices taken by insiders can become embroiled in win-lose scenarios that see both sides of an acquisition reluctant to give up their solutions. Our experienced Fusion CXO consultants will step in as a third-party to objectively assess strengths and weaknesses of various tech artifacts and chart a new way forward with a minimum of fuss.

The technology that we use is constantly adapting to incorporate new opportunities and threats, from ever-faster chips to machine learning, to the dangers of foreign ransomware attacks and phishing attempts. That’s why we’re so excited to offer our clients the new Fusion CXO service.

Other situations that would see clients benefiting from a Fusion CXO:

  • Reviewing and negotiating business contracts with existing tech vendors
  • Researching and evaluating relevant technology of importance to the business
  • Implementing an effective cybersecurity program
  • Leading, or hiring, a more junior technology team
  • Providing guidance for executive decisions on technology
  • Developing and managing software development and solutions
  • Optimizing the design and delivery of technology products and services
  • Improving the level of scalability / resilience of an organization’s technology platforms
  • Technology maintenance assessment and planning
  • Implementing and managing modern governance of technology

F12.nets (formerly My Blue Umbrella) Fusion CXO service: Aligning your technology with your business objectives. If you feel that you could benefit from the best technology guidance available today, contact F12.net (formerly My Blue Umbrella) at sales@F12.net.