About F12 IT Support

Over 25 Years of History

F12 has evolved over the years, and finding new ways to serve customers better is what drives us.

In 1992, one man’s computing hobby started to develop into an entrepreneurial venture. By 1996, this new technology business, then called System Systems Inc., included five partners and was growing steadily. Back then, the goal was to sell, install, service and train clients on personal computers. As the tech environment evolved, so did System Systems—including a transition through several name changes while the company expanded and acquired other start-ups.

In 2011, the company re-branded itself into F12 Networks. F12 began offering industry-leading innovations, including a groundbreaking IT Support System known as F12 Connect.

Realizing that IT is, at its heart, all about improving productivity, F12 began to offer comprehensive IT packages that eliminated low-value procurement conversations. Instead, F12 started to prescribe equipment lifecycles, including complimentary training and streamlining of employee onboarding procedures.

As its footprint grew, F12 noticed an increased demand for strategic IT management. Today, F12 is proud to offer F12 Advisor, a pioneering level of engagement designed to accommodate industry’s growing need for big-picture IT strategy.