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Mergers & Acquisitions

Ready for a change or simply looking for new opportunities?

F12 is open to new partnerships with existing MSP owners (strictly confidential, of course) who are looking for an exit strategy, greater financial security, or cash compensation.

Merging feels like a big deal because it is a big deal. Talk to some folks who have already been through the process before making any major decisions:


2018 – SITKUM IT
Call Mike – 250.352.6556

2017 – Protocol Technologies Inc.
Call Todd – 250.545.1866 ext. 6703

2017 – OnDeck Systems Inc.
Call Naomi – 250.334.0638 ext. 6803

2016 – XCEL Professional Services Ltd.
Call Ryan – 403.980.8032 ext. 2101

2015 – Insite Computer Group
Call Doron – 416.736.8386 ext. 7140

1999 – Twin Solutions Inc.
Call Devon – 403-210-2022 ext. 2207

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