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Meet the F12 Team

Every F12 team works seamlessly, always, to deliver results. Your dedicated IT Manager devotes the time required to gain a deep understanding of your business needs and goals. Only then will he or she begin to compile your ultimate IT dream team.

F12 IT Solution Provider Team

Team Roles

IT Manager

The linchpin of your relationship with F12. An experienced IT professional, not a salesman. The IT Manager knows your business, meets with your leadership regularly, and directs F12’s engagement with your organization.

Certified Trainer

The magic bullet of productivity is education. Complimentary, in-person training on privacy and security awareness, and on productivity applications like Excel, Outlook, Word, Skype and PowerPoint.


This group uses proven project management and communication practices to onboard new clients, roll out IT systems, define processes and improve documentation.

Expert working on server

Remote Services

Your select F12 remote services Pod knows your business, knows your staff and knows you. It quickly solves 95% of all technical issues with a 95.7% customer satisfaction rating.

Onsite Services

The boots on the ground to tackle the technical and, on occasion, user challenges that confront your business.

Advanced Computing

The Navy Seals of the operation, this team is called in when the thorniest technical challenges arise.

Expert working on laptop


The people who know the hardware and software vendors and how to help you choose the right products for your unique needs.

Research and Development

Before a product, service or solution is rolled out under one of our IT programs, it must undergo merciless testing and documentation, and meet the approval of our meticulous R&D team.

IT Business Analysis

This experienced IT management division delivers ongoing strategic guidance under the F12 Advisor program.


Administration is the glue of our operations, ensuring customer service processes are consistent so that we can consistently over-deliver on our promises.

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