Don’t Waste Your Money on a CRM Until You Read This
April 19, 2018 | 
Blog Technology

The right CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution can be instrumental in the growth of your company. Therefore, choosing CRM software for your business is an important, yet often undervalued endeavour. Like other significant business decisions, a hasty or ill-informed choice can result in immense amounts of wasted time and money.  While there are dozens of […]

Clarity on the Cloud: Public, Private, Hybrid
April 13, 2018 | 
Blog Data Center and Cloud Disaster Recovery Technology

  One of the most popular tech buzzwords of the last decade is “the Cloud.”  Everyone wants it, but what is it? And why should you care? Simply put, “the Cloud” means moving servers (and the applications that run on them) off-premise. More than that, cloud computing represents a fundamental shift in IT strategy.  Instead […]

Outsourcing IT:  Pros and Cons Every Business Should Consider
March 30, 2018 | 
Blog Managed IT Technology

  Normally, as a Regional Manager of a Managed Service Provider, by the time I’m brought into the picture most businesses have already asked themselves this question and decided they’d entertain the idea of it.  But just what does outsourcing your IT mean to your business, and is it should you entertain it as well? […]

Buzzword Briefing: What is Dark Data?
March 23, 2018 | 
Blog Technology

  Each year ushers in a new list of new buzzwords. I decided I wanted to dig further and identify a single buzzword for this blog.  This month’s buzzword: Dark Data. After being in this industry for 30 years, I’ve seen a lot of people and companies do a lot of different things.  However, the […]

Accounting Firm IT Strategy; Are you Future Ready?
March 16, 2018 | 
Blog Technology

Among your many responsibilities, maintaining your IT efficiency and reliability for yourself, your staff, and most importantly your clients is a major one.  As technology-driven as most other businesses today, accounting firms still have their unique requirements when it comes to IT. Important aspects, especially during the busy tax season, include up-time, reliability, productivity, and […]

Data Security: Recognizing the illusion of your data’s safety
March 2, 2018 | 
Blog Cyber Security Technology

Data security has never been more critical to business than it is in today’s technology landscape.  Have you ever wondered; is your data safe?  Well, it’s likely not! According to the COO of the National Cybersecurity Institute, “Fifty percent of small to medium-sized business have been the victims of cyber attacks and over 60% of […]

Managed IT Services vs The IT Guru: A Retrospective
February 23, 2018 | 
Blog Managed IT Technology

Years ago, at the start of my career as a network administrator, I had the privilege of working with a technology Guru. I was hired in a junior position to make sure the company had redundancy in case this Guru was “hit by a bus.”  Those were the CEO’s exact words during my interview; he […]

Why I am embarrassed that the IT industry has no oversight body.
August 10, 2017 | 
Blog Cyber Security Technology

Every day, the IT industry serves remarkable leaders in mature professions, many of which must abide by ethical codes of conduct outlined by their professional governing bodies. Lawyers must answer to their Bar Association, Physicians and Surgeons to their Colleges, Engineers and Surveyors to their Boards, Certified Professional Accountants to oversight councils, and so on. […]