F12 Cloud solves complex collaboration challenges

The Problem

Aspiria provides Employee (EAP) and Student Assistance Programs (SAP) across Canada. But its IT environment was unreliable and was turning into a risk factor for the business. Aspiria’s IT provider at the time did not have a full understanding of the company’s operational requirements, which included system stability and a secure methodology to collaborate from remote locations.

Our Solution

F12 took over Aspiria’s IT management and moved its infrastructure into F12’s private cloud-based data centre. By moving Aspiria into the F12 Cloud, we replaced the aging and failing systems while meeting Aspiria’s stringent security and privacy requirements.

The Outcome

Aspiria’s IT infrastructure now sits on highly-redundant and reliable equipment. All staff have secure access from anywhere, giving them more flexibibility in their work environment. An IT partner that understands its requirements allows Aspiria to focus on helping people with mental health issues without also worrying about IT issues. Aspiria has been able to grow and acquire companies, seamlessly adding new offices to its current F12 Cloud infrastructure—saving both time and money.