Camp Ramah

Camp Ramah

F12 Cloud solves downtime and reliability issues

The Problem

Camp Ramah, a non-profit organization, offers an overnight camp and self-growth experience for children across North America. Its server required constant attention, and its IT provider was slow to respond. Furthermore, the server environment had to be physically relocated twice per year. Failing IT was creating a poor reflection on management by both the board and staff.

Our Solution

F12 replaced Camp Ramah’s failing systems and moved them into our Toronto data centre. Under the F12 Cloud program, Camp Ramah’s constant server reboot issues and annual infrastructure relocations finally ended.

The Outcome

Since moving to the F12 Cloud, Camp Ramah has experienced minimal downtime. Management now breathes easier knowing that staff and the board can focus on what they do best rather than on worrying about the next outage. Today, when the team moves to its camp location every summer, there is no heavy lifting required. Staff simply show up, plug in and work from the camp environment exactly as they do in the city.