Carmel Bay

Carmel Bay

A seamless startup, and ending, with F12 Plus’ fully-procured and managed hardware

The Problem

Carmel Bay Exploration Ltd. was a junior oil & gas company that opened its doors in 2011 in an extremely competitive market. Starting from nothing, Carmel needed a turnkey computing infrastructure solution setup quickly–without an up-front capital investment and without distraction.

Our Solution

We utilized F12 Plus to outfit Carmel Bay’s entire office from the ground up and moved its email services to Office 365–without the capital investment. On opening day, all staff was able to walk in and get to work. Because Carmel Bay set itself up for success from the outset, it could focus on growing the business, not on managing IT.

The Outcome

F12 Plus gave Carmel Bay the ability to hit the ground running on day one. And, after four years of operations, Carmel Bay successfully sold the business for $200M. It was able to return all F12 Plus assets at no charge, thus simplifying both the IT startup as well as the exit.