Flying high thanks to a better IT strategy

The Problem

Enerjet is a Canadian air charter company specializing in workforce transportation and Tour Operator Charters. It struggled with traditional delayed IT support for staff use as well as with its highly-specialized flight management software. Poor reporting and overall lack of IT insight made it feel like technology was working against Enerjet’s growth, not enabling it.

Our Solution

F12 helped strategize a custom IT solution that was specifically tailored to Enerjet’s needs. We specially trained a dedicated support team, enacted a reporting and incident management process to take over support and maintenance of Enerjet’s flight management software, and we also provided 24/7 support to encompass Enerjet’s entire window of operations.

The Outcome

Under this new support management plan, Enerjet experienced a significant improvement in response and resolution times to its issues, therefore improving its overall productivity. Additionally, the Enerjet leadership team was able to track and manage the user impact costs associated with systems disruption, identify staff training opportunities, and gain better insight into the impact critical business software disruptions had on day-to-day operations.