LandSolutions Inc.

LandSolutions Inc.

A cloud solution for this land-based company

The Problem

LandSolutions Inc. was growing swiftly across Canada, delivering top-notch land, environmental and asset management services. But its onsite IT infrastructure was struggling to keep pace with the growing company. As servers spread across the country, they created increased complexity, duplicated work effort and “second class” remote office experiences. Furthermore, email services were progressively unreliable, exhibiting delivery issues, bounce backs and missed emails, which caused distress among employees.

Our Solution

We consolidated the server environment and eliminated complexity by moving LandSolutions to the F12 Cloud, thereby leveraging F12’s data center environment and Microsoft’s Office 365 suite. The national LandSolutions team began working from a common, scalable, hosted platform, and it confidently communicated both internally and externally via Microsoft’s public cloud.

The Outcome

LandSolutions grew more rapidly, quickly opening offices in central and eastern Canada without the need for a lot of local IT infrastructure. During local disasters, LandSolutions client delivery IT services were unaffected, underscoring LandSolution’s wisdom in moving to a secure cloud solution.