Opa! of Greece

Opa! of Greece

F12 Plus helps one restaurant climb the food chain

The Problem

Opa! of Greece, one of Canada’s fastest-growing restaurant chains, is shaking up the “fast food” market with delicious, wholesome, Mediterranean cuisine and excellent customer service. However, unreliable email on failing servers was interfering with Opa!’s communications with its rapidly growing team of franchisees and putting its overall growth potential at risk

Our Solution

By joining the big Greek family we always wished we had, F12 helped Opa! move to Office 365 for reliable, always-on communication. Selecting F12 Plus allowed Opa! to replace its old and failing servers with brand new ones–without being out-of-pocket.

The Outcome

Opa! continues to grow nationally, and its ability to communicate with 90+ franchisees has never been better. The company no longer worries about IT challenges and instead focuses on national growth, bringing the taste of Greece a little closer to every Canadian’s home.