Schaffer Dzaldov Bennett Ltd.

Schaffer Dzaldov Bennett Ltd.

F12 Service solves business focus, risk and reliability issues

The Problem

Schaffer Dzaldov Bennet Ltd. (SDB) embraces challenging land survey projects with energy and enthusiasm. IT challenges, on the other hand, were creating unwanted noise for the business. IT support was ad-hoc, and issues were brought to internal management before getting referred to the IT vendor, resulting in delays and disruptions to daily workflow. SDB’s aging servers and email system was hosted in-house, which created various issues like access and risk due to potential system failure and data loss.

Our Solution

We moved SDB to a fully-managed F12 Service agreement, replaced the aging server and migrated its email to Office 365. As part of the F12 Service agreement, we developed a roadmap to assist SDB in planning the lifecycle for the remainder of the environment.

The Outcome

SDB’s management can now focus on business growth, and it is no longer concerned about daily IT problems: issues and user support are in F12’s responsible hands. Overall, system reliability and staff productivity have improved, and business risk has been reduced.