SuperFly International

SuperFly International

Fishing for the best IT solution

The Problem

SuperFly International brings fly fishing to sports enthusiasts through the manufacturing and distribution of specialized fly fishing equipment and accessories. Aiming to restructure and refocus the organization, SuperFly sought a dynamic, full-featured IT provider to support its future plans. With custom integrations for all Line of Business applications, any IT migration required careful planning and execution by a team with deep technical knowledge.

Our Solution

F12 transferred SuperFly’s business-critical applications to modern server hardware while maintaining custom integrations and keeping business flowing. Moving to Office 365 reduced risk and kept SuperFly’s mobile Salesforce connected. F12 Plus also provided standardization and stability to Superfly’s desktop computing environment.

The Outcome

SuperFly successfully restructured its organization during a tough economic climate and maintained manufacturing levels during the system migration. The company now spends less time dealing with IT issues, which has allowed it to focus on creating new products and product lines.