IT support you can trust to improve the member experience.

Credit unions were created for the people by the people. You built your financial institution on community, cooperation, and trust, and those values should extend to your IT strategy. F12 sets you up with a highly trained team of technicians who understand your business like you do. When you work with F12, we are your partner in creating efficiencies, developing innovative solutions to your technology needs, and improving your members experience.

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Easy solutions for complex technology to suit your unique needs.

With over 20 years of experience working with credit unions, F12 understands your business and the requirements and challenges that make your industry unique. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all IT solutions, but in customized strategies that cater to your specific IT and business needs. We know your priorities include security, reliability, and scalability and one call to us will engage our team of specially trained experts who will work with key partners and vendors to provide the IT services that are right for you.

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What if you could expense your hardware instead of taking on the risk of capital investment?

You may see technology as the cost to do business, but we see it as an investment in your business. With the Operational Expense option available with our F12 Plus solution, we make an upfront investment on hardware, software, and labour to help your business stay on the cutting edge without hurting your liquidity. And we’ll continue to work with you to add technology and services so that you can grow and evolve as needed.

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Don’t let a breach of security damage your hard-earned reputation.

You’ve worked hard to earn the confidence of your members. Let us instil the same confidence in your IT systems. Through vulnerability testing, ongoing monitoring, and employee training, F12 proactively takes steps to ensure a privacy breach doesn’t damage your reputation or your relationship with your clients. But if a breach should ever occur, we’ll have a plan in place to make things right and get your reputation back on track.

Get a fresh set of eyes on compliance requirements.

To you, the federal and provincial compliance regulations governing the financial industry may seem overwhelming. To us, these requirements are a challenge, a puzzle to be solved, a muscle to be flexed, an opportunity to show you what we’re made of. It’s our job to help you navigate the ins and outs of the regulatory environment, and we’re good at our job. We have credentials as a SOC2 Type II and CyberSecure Canada certified provider with over 20 years of experience in IT security. F12’s technical assessment is designed to identify what you’re doing right and highlight areas that could use improvement so that your network security is fully compliant and equipped to protect all confidential information.

Financial Institutions Commission (FICOM)

Guidelines to ensure all reasonable steps are taken to ensure the safety, sustainability, and stability of credit unions.

Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA)

Federal privacy law that sets the ground rules for how businesses like yours must handle personal information.

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)

Mandates that all credit card information is kept safe during data acceptance, processing, storage, and transmission.

Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA)

Provincial privacy law that provides guidelines for proper collection, use, and disclosure of personal information.

When it comes to industry software, the possibilities may seem endless.

There are so many software options out there that it can be overwhelming. Let us point you in the right direction. F12 supports a broad range of banking solutions, including CGI RFS Retail Banking Fiserv DNA, Lodestar Business Intelligence, Capterra LOS, and Doxim ECM, and we’re confident that we can support whatever your preferred software choice is. Whatever your preferred software choice, we’ll help you get up and running quickly with a solution that is flexible, agile, and designed to grow with you.

A one-click-does-it-all solution you can count on.

Your business is built on traditional values like trust, cooperation, and accountability, and ours is too. That’s why F12 provides a trained pod of technicians you can rely on because they understand the credit union businesses and the applications and hardware that make them work. Just press the F12 key and you can trust that we’ll see any issue through to resolution. So now you can spend less time on the phone talking about technology issues and more time achieving positive financial results for your clients.


“F12 is exactly what we need. I am now able to sleep at night and have seen first-hand how F12 has saved us from Ransomware.”

  • Roberta, Credit Union CEO
  • Service: F12 Plus
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