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You exude confidence and trust. That’s why individuals and organizations entrust their financial well being to you.

F12 can carry that confidence and trust all the way through to the IT systems you use and the people who support them.

Our role is to protect you and to help you make wise decisions about your systems and your clients’ security. We are able to define IT security policies and implement the needed tools so you can forget about IT risks and focus on risks and opportunities for your clients.


  • Takes the privacy of you and your investors seriously.
  • Understands you may have regulatory requirements or institutional investors doing due diligence.
  • Has experience with all big accounting packages (T1, T2, Caseware, Simply, QB, Sage).



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“I share my secret to IT success with colleagues at every opportunity.”

  • Nickolas Tresoor, Tresoor Financial Services Ltd.
  • Service: F12 Select