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You focus on protecting your clients’ legal interests, and we will focus on protecting your IT interests.

F12’s comprehensive IT programs are designed to minimize your mental investment in IT and maximize your mental investment in your firm.  We shift the risk and responsibility to F12 by taking over decisions about software, systems, backups and security, freeing up time so we can talk about strategic matters like policies and processes.

Did you know? F12 has SOC 2 audited Privacy, Security, and Confidentiality controls to ensure your IT team is taking your firm’s IT resources seriously.


“We feel that we can trust that it will always be taken care of in a MORE THAN timely manner. The people make us feel like we are never an inconvenience and that all is doable! Thank you”

  • Renee Toker, Putnam and Lawson Barristers and Solicitors
  • Service: F12 Plus