You focus on the patient experience and let us worry about the rest.

You became an optometrist because you’re passionate about taking care of your patients. We have helped more than 300 developing and medium-sized businesses like yours do what they love by doing what we love: providing best in-class IT support by budgeting solutions and providing standardized care and fully vendor-managed support.

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Nobody sees IT issues through rose-coloured glasses.

Nobody enjoys calling for IT support, especially when the person on the other end of the line doesn’t understand the technology needs and challenges distinctive to your practice. That is why we have eliminated frustrating phone calls by providing you with direct access to a high performance team that is uniquely trained to understand and support your business. So you can speak to someone who sees your business’s IT needs clearly. Every time.

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What if you could lease your IT hardware instead of taking the risk on a capital investment?

You have a vision for the future of your practice, but you may not be there yet. F12 offers a variety of solutions to provide for the present and plan for the future. With our Operational Expense solution, we will make an upfront investment of hardware, software, and labour to advance your business without hurting your credit line. And we’ll continue to work with you to add technology and services so you can grow and evolve as needed.

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A breach of your patients’ data could be more than just bad optics.

You are someone your patients trust, and you should be able to trust your network with your patients’ information. Medical practices, including optometry offices, can be particularly susceptible to threats of unauthorized access, and the cost of a privacy breach can be more than just financial. Don’t let a breach damage your reputation as a medical professional. Through employee training, developing internal policies and procedures, and instituting cyber and physical security measures, F12 proactively takes steps to make sure your network is protected so that your relationship with your patients is secure.

Our technical assessment can identify and close any gaps in your network security so it is fully compliant and equipped to protect all confidential information.

When it comes to technology compliance, there is so much to know. Why don’t you save your eyesight and let us worry about all that fine print? It’s our job to know the ins and outs of all federal and provincial regulations and our support includes ongoing consulting to ensure that your systems are always compliant.

Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA)

Provincial privacy law that provides guidelines for proper collection, use, and disclosure of personal information.

Personal Information Assessment (PIA)

A provincial analysis that identifies and assesses potential privacy risks within your practice.

Health Information Act (HIA)

Seeks to protect the privacy of your patients while also enabling the appropriate sharing of medical information so that you can give them the best possible care.

Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA)

Federal privacy law that sets the ground rules for how private practices like yours must handle personal information.

Provincial Organizational Readiness Assessment (PORA)

Verifies that your practice meets the minimum standards of security necessary to gain access to provincial healthcare information.

When it comes to selecting the right healthcare software, you may feel like you’re flying blind.

There are so many software options out there that it can be overwhelming. Let us point you in the right direction. F12 supports all of the industry standard software including EMRs such as VisualEyes, eVision, and RevolutionEHR so we can help you find the best fit for you. And if you’ve already found your perfect solution? F12 doesn’t want to change what you do; we want to help you do it even better. That’s why we’ll support your existing applications, ensuring the seamless integration of your software and tools, so that you can focus on realizing your technology’s benefits and not its complexities.

You only have to make one call and we’ll make sure the right people are engaged to solve any issues with your equipment.

You do delicate work and you need specialized equipment. F12 provides a trained pod of technicians that inclusively supports health solutions and understands the applications and specialized equipment that make your business work. We believe in that one-call-does-it-all: you call us and we’ll take it from there, managing third party vendor relationships and solution integration to help your business run optimally. So now you can spend less time worrying about technology issues and more time focusing on the health of your patients and your vision for your practice.


“F12 is innovative and most importantly supportive and dependable when it comes to entrusting them with all of our computer and network needs.”

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