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I read an article recently regarding corporate values and how the term itself could have been considered a winner for the ‘most meaningless business jargon of the year’ award. That is to say, corporations don’t have values – the people who run them do. And values, of course, are only meaningful if they are the fabric of every person involved in the company from executives to brand new hires. I like to think that we here at F12 Networks do a pretty bang-up job of making sure we have the right people on-board that demonstrate our own values each and every day. We operate on core values, not corporate ones.

Why are core values so important and what, if anything, do they actually do for our organization? The answer is easy: if you add members to your team based on your values, and the new members have similar values, then they become the heart of your culture.  When you hire based on similar core values and hold each other accountable to them, you fill your organization with like-minded people who are working toward common goals and will do everything it takes to collectively reach them. When you already have an office filled with these like-minded people, those goals are infinitely easier to reach.

So what core values do we enact here at F12 Networks?

  1. We Make I.T. Fun
    The universal truth here at F12 Networks is we enjoy hanging out with each other. We hold extra-curricular activities like BBQs, board game nights, LAN parties, movie nights, and more – these events are largely organized by our fellow Networkers. And I don’t think any of our clients can say that they have ever attended a ‘bad Stampede party’ at our Calgary office!
  2. We Make I.T. Easy
    The world of I.T. is inherently viewed as complicated and difficult to understand. Making this world accessible through peer education is key, and it takes many forms. From lunch ‘n learns to a simple shout-out, we try to explain the techy stuff in non-techy ways. Who really wants to know the theory behind how many jigawatts it takes to power the flux capacitor? You just want that car to hit 88mph and take you on an adventure!
  3. We Give an F12
    Considered the more socially acceptable way of simply giving a $%!#, this refers to showing concern for the people around us and defending our principles (standing up and defending ‘the right thing’ over ‘the easy way’). We embrace passion through discussions, and the occasional argument – all to reach a solution we believe is the best.
    Another way that F12 ‘gives’ is by donating to charity. We have a number of internal programs and events to help raise money throughout the year. We also collectively volunteer at events at different charities.
  1. We Do What You Say
    Simply put, ‘do what you say’ means keeping your word. It speaks to trustworthiness, professionalism, and reliability as an individual.  It is very important that our Networkers understand this core value as we pride ourselves on making good on our promises to our clients.
  2. We Know Our Clients
    We thrive on developing long lasting and trusting relationships with our clients, and those relationships are the keys to growth for both F12 Networks and our clients. While it is important to understand the business needs, it is equally as important to understand what our clients need as individuals. Getting to know the people we support on a daily basis helps us to quickly understand the impact of a technology problem and allows for better back-and-forth communication. And when F12 Networks solves a problem quickly, our clients are happy they partnered with us.
  3. We Have Your Back
    As Networkers, it is important to realize that you’re not playing this game on your own – it is not solely up to you to defeat Bowser and save the Princess! We will make mistakes – we are only human, after all. But it’s how we react to them to that truly defines ‘Got Your Back’. Pointing fingers or belittling someone for not succeeding at something is not a behavior that is acceptable at F12 Networks.  The truth is that mistakes or non-successes present an opportunity to develop relationships, and to help and educate your peers. The situation could be reversed in the future, and think of how much you will appreciate assistance in a time of need.

At the end of the day, a company is only as good as the people that represent it. Chances are that if you believe in the core values that I’ve mentioned above, you’d probably be a pretty good fit here at F12 Networks. Drop me a line at if you want to start a conversation.


Chris Ryan
IT Consultant


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