Customer Satisfaction Survey: How and Why We Measure

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Why you should respond to F12’s Customer Satisfaction Survey and how we action your feedback

By Ryan Sigouin, COO,


How did we do today?

Customer satisfaction survey’s are everywhere: on the bottom of sales receipts, at the end of a call with your bank, even in airport bathrooms. And if you’re an F12 client, you’ve received a quick question from us at the end of every interaction, in the form of our customer satisfaction survey. We pride ourselves on providing you the best possible service, and to do that, we need your feedback.


So if you’ve been debating whether it’s worth it to spend the time required to answer the survey, maybe the following details will help convince you. For every single ticket that we complete, we ask our clients to rank us on how we did in that interaction: do we get a smiley face or a sad face—or something in between? The data we collect helps us improve our service.


What is the Customer Satisfaction Survey?

When you reach out to one of our IT specialists for assistance, we do our best to resolve your issue quickly and professionally. As soon as the ticket is closed (and your issue is resolved), you receive an email notification inviting you to complete a quick, one-click survey on your experience. The survey starts with three faces ranging from sad to happy. You choose the expression that best represents your experience. Next, you get the opportunity to elaborate: what went well, what didn’t. By completing the survey in real-time immediately after your interaction with us, your impression of our technician and their work should be easy to recall. Right now, we’re proud of the response rate: we receive responses from over 25% of our interactions, resulting in over 2,000 survey’s a month.


What do we do with the Customer Satisfaction Survey data?

We use a program called Simplesat to record your answers, and we review the feedback we collect from the customer satisfaction surveys daily. That’s right—every single day. We share positive feedback with our team, and not-so-positive feedback with the manager overseeing the technician involved. This allows the manager to discuss the feedback with the employee and coach them on ways to improve their performance while the interaction is fresh in their mind.


We’ll also call you within 24 hours to discuss the challenges you had during the interaction. As far as we know, this practice is unique to F12. We don’t know any other IT service provider that contacts a client whenever they’ve had a negative experience.


Finally, we share the data with our executive team and board of directors, and then analyze it to identify trends and see how we’re tracking month to month.


Why do we call you if you give us a low score on the survey?

It’s a two-pronged approach. We want to make sure that whatever problem you were having has been solved, and that you’re happy with the resolution. That can be difficult to achieve over email, where the tone of voice and nuance are absent. We also believe that human interaction is key to understanding why our service didn’t go as well as possible. So we’d like the chance to collaborate with you on how we could do better for you and your team specifically, in a way that’s more conversational and interactive than the survey responses. Of course, if you prefer not to receive a phone call there’s an opportunity to note this at the end of the survey. We don’t want the idea of a phone call to deter you from completing the survey.


Bottom line: we’re your business partner. When you succeed, we succeed. The survey helps us support you so that you can move one step closer to achieving your goals. If you’ve completed the survey in the past, thank you. And if you were hesitant, we understand. Hopefully understanding why and how we use the survey will help you reconsider in the future.


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