Detective T.R.Oubleshoot – Nathan Gomes

The Case of the Cursed Computer

It was early, too early, but not too early for my morning “wakeup”. The scotch burned as it slid down my throat but I didn’t mind, I liked the sensation. I settled into my chair and began my morning rhythm, feet up, chair back and drink in hand. As everything began to feel right in the world that’s when she walked in, a pretty dame with tears in her eyes. I sat up and offered her a chair, gave her a tissue for those big pleading blue eyes, sat on the corner of my desk and coaxed her to give up her story. She began to regale to me about how her computer began to “lock” and “freeze”, how slow it seemed, and how it suffered from the occasional blue screen. She went on for a bit describing all the quirks and oddities, becoming calmer as I listened with obvious understanding. Once she was done, I said to her the words I knew she was waiting to hear, “I can help” and her eyes lit up with joy. I said to her “here’s some simple rules I always follow” and with my typical charm I began to explain…

Now that you are hooked, here are some things any person can do to help troubleshoot a computer that seems on the fritz.

Check Physical Connections

It’s all too easy to accidentally kick a switch or unplug a cord with your foot. A loose connection, whether it’s your monitors, internet or power connection, can cause all sorts of problems. It’s amazing how many problems can be fixed by just keeping those connections tight.

Restart the Computer

This one seems silly mostly because it’s so simple, and yet a lot of issues can be solved with a simple computer restart. It’s like magic and poof the computer seems ok. Now the caveat here is that if you’re constantly restarting your computer then this would be an indication of a more serious problem and definitely something to take note of. Which comes to the next point.

Take Note of Issues and Error Messages

Error codes and messages are vital in trying to track down a problem. Every wrong thing your computer does is a symptom of what’s wrong and these give us clues of where to look. Once we have these symptoms we act like detectives to track the problem or problems.

Run Those Updates

A lot of times a problem has been solved like a flickering screen or a glitchy app. The company would release an update or patch to solve the problem and all you have to do is just run your windows update. It’s always good to do a restart once a week and try to run windows update once a month to help maintain good PC health.

Call the NOC for Help

It’s what they’re there for. Even if it seems small to you it might be an indication of a more serious problem and more than likely they have seen this problem before and know how to fix it. It’s always your best option to get expert help. The information you will get from doing the first 4 steps can speed up the process and help track down that pesky problem. It always pays to get more eyes on the problem, and there’s plenty of eyes and experience in the NOC.

She seemed surer of life and even had a lightness to her step as she left my office. As I headed back to my desk and my cigar, I could hear the horns of the cars and the hustle and bustle of people as the city began to wake. I settled back into my chair, put my feet up and puffed my cigar. As I began to relax once again I realized my hopes were like the sun, bright and shining.

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