Don’t Fall Victim! How to Recognize Online Scams

As you are likely aware, a variety of email, web, and phone scams are in operation with the goal of stealing personal information, money, or both.  F12 Networks and our partners put many security measures in place to protect your corporate data.  Unfortunately, one of the most effective methods to steal information revolves around manipulating a person rather than a system.  This can be referred to as social engineering.

Some common email or phone scams can contain the following:

  • Alarmist messages and threats of account closures
  • Requests of immediate password changes
  • Promises of money for little or no effort
  • Deals that sound too good to be true
  • Requests to donate to a charitable organization after a disaster that has been in the news
  • Poor grammar and misspellings

Please pay attention to any out of the ordinary requests that arrive via email, as criminals will employ very creative methods to trick their victim.  One of the craftiest examples would be emails seemingly sent from real co-workers, but arriving from a slightly altered email domain (i.e. (true) vs. (fake, notice the misspelling?)).  These emails can be made to look even more believable by including your real co-worker’s email signature, cell phone number, etc.

For more information on protecting your business and personal information please click on this link for Microsoft’s most recent updates on the topic.

F12 Networks often has to speak with you and your co-workers on the phone to help out with IT issues.  Please note F12 Networks has tools installed on your machines to allow us secure remote access.  If this is not possible, we direct you to connect with us through the F12 Web Connect icon hosted through our secure website at  Please be wary of anyone who calls to ask you to allow them access to your computer through other means while identifying as an F12 Networks employee.  If you have any questions, concerns or wish to verify that any request for access is legitimate please contact your NOC Pod directly at the following:

Pod Alpha                           Pod Hydro                          Pod Jolt                               Pod Sonic

780.669.6006                    780.669.6009                    780.669.6007                     780.669.6002

403.355.3562                    403.355.3564                    403.355.3563                     403.355.3565                            

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