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It takes about 10 seconds on Google search to find some IT people to fix your office computers or provide break-fix service which might be ok to patch up some issues for the short term and get your business running again. Although this is still what the vast majority of IT service companies do, we have moved on from this model years ago so that our clients can benefit from the standardized worry-free F12 Service Plus program and take their businesses to the next level of efficiency.

Hardware standardization is the starting point and foundation of what we offer. Our company-wide unified procedures to deploy machines and work on equipment are what really bring value to the F12 Service Plus program. Same as any other business model or environment, human errors are the most common reason to cause deficiencies and ultimately loss of productivity. That’s why F12 has created F12 University – a virtual study environment for new employees to get some hands on experience before they go live. F12 University has recently been constructed for every department within our company to train new employees and to refresh procedures for current employees.

When a new technician or admin staff member joins our team, he or she will be put through respective F12 University training program to learn about our products and most importantly standard procedures. The training programs are broken down into these three phases:

  • Policies & Procedures – New F12 Networkers are provided with an F12 University binder for their position that outlines company policy and procedures for all daily tasks
  • Hands-on Exercise – After finishing reading the policies, new networkers are required to complete a set of hands-on scenarios that allows them to apply knowledge learned in a lab environment that mimics real client setup. Evaluations are conducted at the end to ensure that they are capable of completing tasks up to F12 Standards
  • Job Shadowing – New networkers will shadow an existing networker to experience daily job activities in live environment and real client interaction.

Once new Networkers have graduated from F12 University, we know they are ready to bring our clients the highest level of service quality and consistency outlined in F12 University.


Di Wu
Project Deployment Specialist

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