How to Make Working from Home With Kids Easier

As we get accustomed to our new working arrangements, we know that working from home with kids is a reality for many of us. Managing both personal and professional time is an important aspect of creating balance in our daily routine. Setting healthy boundaries, managing interruptions, and being clear about when we are available is an essential part of the process. 

Here are four tips to keep focused when you have your young ones around:

  1. Set expectations for availability

    Your daily schedule now involves much more video chatting and your kids are excited you are home. Make sure to inform your caregivers or those you live with of your daily schedule so that you’re available to spend quality time during your breaks.

  2. Create boundaries to keep focused on your work and play

    It can be a challenge switching “off” from work when you don’t leave the office or switching “on” your workday when you don’t have a commute. Make sure to set clear intentions of work time and home time to avoid burnout. Share these boundaries with your team and encourage them to do the same. 

  3. Utilize technology for available educational resources

    Having a child full of energy during your productive hours can be overwhelming. Refer to free online resources such as Scholastic’s “Learn at Home” to keep kids learning, Storyline Online can connect kids to book read-alongs and National Geographic Kids has a database filled with fun videos, games and information on animals and nature that will be sure to keep your kid distracted, entertained and happy

  4. Be kind to yourself and your kids

    This is an unprecedented time for many, and the new work arrangements will likely affect both you and those you live with. Continue to practice patience as everyone copes a little differently with change. Remember that there are available support options, caregiver benefits, and leave as needed, to find the balance that works for you

While telecommuting with little ones can be a challenge, dedicating and managing your time with loved ones and your work priorities will help create that balance.