NOC NOC, Who’s There? – Ken Geisler

If you have ever had occasion to speak with the team in our Network Operations Centre, you may have wondered who these technical wizards are. How did they ever achieve the mind numbing statistical success for resolving client issues remotely? As part of our ongoing effort to ensure that we know our clients and that they know us, here is the first installment of “NOC NOC, Who’s There?”

First up to the plate and swinging for the fence, is the Supreme NOC Overlord, Jason “Wags” Wagner.

Professionally – Jason started at F12 in March of 2012 after working in the Seattle Washington area for 6 years.  At the time Jason came aboard, the SSI Solutions to F12 Networks rebranding was occurring and we had the official Edmonton F12 client event.  Following this, the NOC was split into pods with Greg, Zach and Jason as the original members of Pod Jolt.  In June of 2012, when his 3 month probation period ended, Jason was promoted to Senior NOC Technician.  During the summer of 2012, Jason took a very brief hiatus from Pod Jolt to help start up our fourth Pod – Pod Sonic.  During September of 2012, Jason was again promoted, this time to the position of Team Lead for Pod Jolt, also becoming the Team Lead for Sonic in March of 2013.  This year in September of 2014, there was another promotion with a step up to the NOC Supervisor role.

Personally – Jason is very happily married to his wonderful wife Becky, who loves to game as much as he does.  For those non-technical readers, the following may cause your eyes to glaze over so you may wish to skip this last paragraph, but if you are a technoid, this stuff is pretty cool.

Jason has two whitebox VMware ESXi servers at home with a variety of virtual servers including a Zentyal Linux domain controller, Linux media streaming/plex/mumble voice chat server, vCenter appliance, Nakivo VM Backup appliance, a Windows 2012 R2 terminal server (RIP TechNet) and a number of public Linux gaming servers.  Jason also has two QNAP NAS devices, one 6 bay and one 4 bay with 30TB worth of drives between them (one backs up to the other in real time).  Other than computers, Wags enjoys listening to metal and hard trance music, backcountry hiking and reading.

Hope you enjoyed the story of Jason, more on the NOC coming soon…

Ken Geisler
Assistant General Manager

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