F12 Connect

Welcome to F12 Connect

F12 is your business solution to everything IT. And at the heart of this solution is F12 Connect.

F12 Connect is an innovative and easy way to access all the IT information and support you need, guiding you through any technical problem you run into. Through F12 Connect, you’ll be able to log on, personalize and manage all your company’s technical needs. It’s never been easier.

With a push of the F12 button, you’ll be connected to a main portal window, where you’ll be able to access a variety of IT options. From here, you can choose a range of services:

  • Manage your company’s users
  • Browse through an assortment of computer and network diagnostic tools
  • View your billing history and current agreements
  • Communicate directly with experienced members of your dedicated support team
  • Order products and check previous purchases
  • Stay up to date with links to Facebook, Twitter and all the latest news
  • Plus so much more!

F12 Connect’s Main Menu makes it easy to navigate through the site and select the options you need to get the job done faster and better. With F12 at your fingertips, you’re sure to increase productivity by spending less time waiting for IT support and more time focusing on your company’s goals. Plus, you can feel secure knowing that support is just a click away. It really is that simple! Stop wasting time trying to fix your technical issues the other ways, and let F12 Connect be your answer to everything IT.

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