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Have you ever had a friend send you one of those fake “cheap Ray-ban sale!” invites on Facebook? What about an email from someone that has had their account compromised and is now sending you invites for ways to get cheap vacations to the Bahamas?

Chances are these people all have the same exact password for every account they log into. When your Facebook password is also your Google, Yahoo, Flickr, Reddit, Amazon and Ebay password, bad things can happen if any of those sites get compromised. There is absolutely no way to guarantee that a site won’t get hacked, even a company as big as Google has had issues in the past. Adobe, Gmail, LinkedIn, and many others have fallen victim to hackers that are able to grab millions of user names and passwords at a time! So how can you make it hard for these guys to get access to every account you have?


1. Change each and every password for your accounts, especially if they are all the same. Even if they aren’t the same and they are the same concept such as simply changing a single number over and over that is going to make it easy for people to guess what your Facebook account password is when all they have is your Instagram. But how can you keep track of this?

2. Get a quality password tracking application that can help you manage this! An application like LastPass or 1Password are a great alternative to simply trying to remember everything, or writing it down in a notebook or a pad of paper. While it might cost a bit of money if you want it on your iPhone or Android phone, it will be a good investment to make sure that you never have to deal with someone taking over your entire life.

3. Now that you have this application set up with a new account, get started by going to each of the sites and resetting the password to something much, much more secure. Apps like Lastpass or 1Password come with a built in password generator as well, so you can have it generate something ultra-secure that a computer will take over a few million years to crack which means you should be good for a little while.


There are many things to do that can help make your life more secure, and this is a great first step. With things like an AppleID or Google account logging into your phone, laptop and tablets, this will help something like a hacker getting access to your entire life and destroying all of your information while you’re sleeping. Keep safe out there!


Keith Martinot
Account Manager

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