SmartVoice is a simple, unified system that keeps your business connected anywhere, anytime. And it’s available here at
Work anywhere.
At the office? At home? On the move? SmartVoice lives in the cloud, so wherever you log in, it already knows you and everyone you work with.
Work together.
Talk to your team over in-app chat, or dive into your documents with face-to-face video and screen sharing. It’s so easy, you might never go to the office again!
Keep in touch.
Control everything from your voicemail message to who gets which calls. Leaving the office in a hurry? You can switch the call over to your cell without missing a beat. 
Self-manage easily.
The SmartVoice web browser makes it easy to control all of your business’s communications on any device, and we take care of all maintenance and upgrades for you. 
Keep it affordable.
Why pay for users who don’t exist? If your staff changes seasonally, you can flex your plan up or down so everyone has the tools they need. 
Increase productivity, lower costs.
With features like instant messaging, desktop sharing, and video calling, you’ll reduce voicemail, cut down on email, and spend less on travel.
Mobilize your workforce.
Cloud-based software and mobile apps let employees stay in sync, and empower them to be productive and connected in and out of the office.
Focus on your business
SmartVoice is a fully managed solution, so we take care of hardware, software, install, training, and support. That means no need for internal IT or costly hardware.