Four easy IT solutions for companies that need easy.

Get the right level of IT support and services. Whatever your needs, there’s a package for you.

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  • Infinite

The future of IT is here. The first full-service IT platform that truly delivers on the promise of managed services. F12 Infinite takes a holistic, subscription-based approach to IT — fully and finally freeing you from the endless cycle of planning, buying, upgrading and stressing about technology.

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  • Select

Built for enterprises that focus on cost management or are considering a sale in the near future. We provide fully-managed IT support and use your hardware.

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  • Advisor

It’s like F12 Plus, with another plus. All the advantages of F12 Plus along with fully-outsourced technical advisement. Our senior technical consultants can give you a competitive edge in the marketplace.

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  • Secure

Safeguard your reputation and operations against cyber threats. Reduce risk and complexity with F12 Secure, designed for companies without internal cyber security expertise.

F12 Connect

Your key to IT

Hit F12 on your keyboard and instantly connect to F12’s main portal window and help options. We like this feature so much we even named a company after it.

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F12 Cloud Icon

F12 Cloud

Advanced cloud computing solutions help reduce IT overhead, including the management of public and semi-private cloud environments.

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Medical office technology

Comprehensive IT Programs

What does that mean? F12 offers features like:

  • IT systems strategy
  • Hardware and software procurement
  • Lifecycle management
  • Installation and employee training
  • Line of business applications management and support
  • Enhanced cyber threat protection, monitoring and reporting
  • Continuous client feedback scoring to improve our service and keep you happy

The F12 Process

  • Meet with an F12 technical advisor
  • We get to know you, your company and your business goals
  • F12 creates a managed services program that makes sense for you
  • IT nirvana achieved
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