F12 Plus

Comprehensive IT solutions for one flat monthly fee. Let the IT experts be your IT experts.

Better together. Save thousands by bundling hardware, software, IT support, and cloud services into one.

If you truly want to spend less time talking about infrastructure, F12 Plus is for you. Leverage Canada’s most mature Infrastructure as a Service solution to eliminate endless conversations about products and services. Now, you can focus on how technology can improve your business.

F12 Plus is the ultimate in buying power (and F12’s most requested option). We make an upfront investment of hardware, software, labour, policies and processes to advance your organization. F12 Plus keeps things simplified, standardized and cost-effective.

With unlimited Canadian based IT support, guaranteed equipment replacement, and built-in disaster recovery, you can focus on building your business. As you grow, F12 Plus scales with you, so you never have to buy today what you may need tomorrow.

You also gain access to two powerful resources.  An experienced F12 IT Manager to define and advance business IT solutions. And our exclusive IT management solution, F12 Connect, making it easier than ever to stay on top of all your IT needs.

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F12 Plus Features

  • Complete Standardization
  • Less Time Managing IT
  • Easy and Rapid Scalability
  • Capital and Credit Preservation (Off Balance Sheet)
  • Immediate Tax Savings (OPEX)
  • Unmatched Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
  • Next Generation Security
  • Built in Asset and Lifecycle Management
  • Buying Power
  • R&D Proven Solution Stack

    LandSolutions Inc.

    LandSolutions Inc. was growing swiftly across Canada, delivering top-notch land, environmental and asset management services. But its onsite IT infrastructure was struggling to keep pace with the growing company. As servers spread across the country, they created increased complexity, duplicated work effort and “second class” remote office experiences. Furthermore, email…


    “We would certainly recommend F12 to anyone looking for IT partnership and support. The assistance we have received has been outstanding! With any of our IT challenges unique to our Franchise Organization, each request has been dealt with professionally, quickly, and in a personalized manner. Thank you!”

    • Sandra Jenke OPA!, Souvlaki Franchise Group Inc.
    • Service: F12 Plus