Managed Security Service Provider

Managed security services for organizations with 20-300 people.

Prevention and ongoing maintenance are critical methods for preventing cyber breaches from negatively affecting your company. But if you can’t point to where gaps in security lie, are you really protecting valuable relationships and assets? An F12 Security Assessment puts your operations through the paces, revealing weaknesses in your system and formulating recommendations to fix vulnerabilities.

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And, if a security breach should ever occur, you will need IT security professionals on your side who can help manage your reputation and get you back on track as soon as possible.

F12 Secure offers professional security assessments that help instill confidence in all stakeholders that you value their personal data and take the threat of security breaches seriously. Furthermore, an engagement with F12 shows your commitment to security and to making things right should any emergency issues come up.

Identifying security liabilities is just the start. Maintaining secure systems requires vigilance and consistency. Get F12 Secure and gain access to ongoing cyber-security maintenance, delivered by a SOC 2 certified provider with over 20 years of experience in IT security.

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F12 Secure Features

  • Ongoing Employee Training Program
  • Elite Canadian Security Operations Centre
  • 24X7 Managed Detection and Response
  • Vulnerability Reporting & Penetration Testing
  • Next Generation Total Security
  • Regulatory, Insurance, & Investor Compliance
  • Incident Investigation and Remediation
  • Security Information and Event Management


    “Satisfying the scrutiny of large international institutional investors is vital for our firm. F12 has made it easy to respond to due diligence questions about our cybersecurity posture. In fact, it is essential they attend meetings to answer our investors' IT questions. ”

    • Jill Perras, Vice President, Azimuth Capital Management
    • Service: F12 Secure