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F12 Account Managers are responsible for the non-technical business, administrative, and sales aspects of our client relationships. Additionally, Account Managers find and develop new business opportunities, selecting those businesses and organizations where F12’s services solve business challenges and where cultural fit offers a high likelihood for a great long-term business partnership.

F12 coordinates regular Strategical Technical Reviews (STRs) with our existing clients which are often attended by an account manager and an IT consultant. At these STRs we go over key elements of F12’s services and we invite feedback on our clients’ customer service experience. Typically, an STR goes in depth with statistics on service delivery, network utilization, and antivirus & backup activity. Moreover, STRs are a forum to catch up on our client’s business activities and to get ahead of initiatives and emerging risks.  A roadmap is developed to identify future events and to chart how F12 is going to assist.

Great account management starts with understanding our clients.  One of the first steps to knowing our client is to research the business or organization so that we understand the value we bring to the relationship.  In order to identify value we need a fair amount of information:

  • The organization’s vision and goals
  • The industry sector’s economic trends
  • The client’s competitive advantage and market strategy
  • Critical business risks and threats
  • Emerging opportunities and initiatives
  • Key decision makers, stakeholders, and resisters

It is imperative that we have the right conversation with the right person. Identifying the needs and interests of the decision makers can take considerable art and persistence.  Approaching busy executives may not be easy, and they frequently task others with gathering information and options on their behalf.  We endeavour to have quick conversations with executives, working off a defined mental agenda, knowing precisely what information we need and why we need it.  We have found that if we respect their time they respect us.

Account Managers also develop new client opportunities that offer the greatest return on time invested. Some opportunities may have more potential based on time required to achieve the result desired.  However, it is important to be flexible in our sales process; understanding our prospective client is key. Here is a list of questions that help when trying to acquire a new client.

  • What is the current need, why are we talking?
  • What parts of the business are growing or declining?
  • What are the most pressing business challenges?
  • What are the greatest business risks?
  • What are the current IT issues or limitations?
  • How can we get in front of the decision makers?

Being an F12 Account Manager demands flexibility and a positive demeanour. I have found four key behaviours that have been pivotal for success in this position:

  • Identify and nurture the right relationships
  • Utilize feedback tools to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Conduct account reviews (STRs) to ensure we are aware of any changes in our client’s operations
  • Understand the customer’s strategy and how they measure success


Omar Alladina
Account Manager


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