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Ever since the iPad gained popularity among consumers, there has been a desire to incorporate a tablet into the workplace. They look fantastic, are light, easy to carry, and can be very convenient for basic web-browsing, document creation, and e-mail. Unfortunately, problems occur when trying to use it like a traditional laptop – programs are often not supported, and creating content can be a painful process.

To address this limitation, Lenovo, long known for their premium ThinkPad notebook line, has introduced a brand new model of the ThinkPad Helix tablet which finally reaches the style and portability of the iPad, with true laptop flexibility.

The new Helix has a dual core Intel processor, 8GB memory, Windows 8.1 Pro, a full-HD 11.8” display, and up to 256GB solid state storage. While these specifications would not be out of place on a laptop, this tablet is as thin as an iPad (9.6mm), and produces no noise due to its fan-less vapor chamber. To increase productivity, the Helix has a digital pen for those times when it isn’t convenient, or sufficiently accurate, to use your fingers on the screen. In addition, for those times when you really need a true laptop, the Helix tablet will snap into an included keyboard (with touchpad) base, and will function the same as an ultra-portable touch screen laptop!

The Helix can also be an asset when giving a presentation, with its uHDMI output to connect to a projector, and rated 8 hour battery life.

The flexibility of this machine is truly incredible while keeping the essence of the tablet that has been so elusive in the workplace. The new Helix, with its business class warranty, is truly one tablet that is ready to get to business.

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