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The common questions that seem to pop up are “Why should I upgrade my computer hardware?” and “Why do I need to update Windows?” Well, dear reader, I will tell you why both are important factors to your computer and its usage.

Upgrading your Computer Hardware

Upgrading your computer hardware is something that should be done frequently. For many computer enthusiasts, upgrading computer hardware is something that happens every few years. Everything from the processor, to the RAM, to the hard drive will eventually need to be replaced.  Upgrading your processor, RAM, and motherboard can be a daunting task. For those who do not wish to build a new computer from scratch, buying a pre-built computer might be a better option. Taking your computer from 2GBs of RAM to 8GBs of RAM will help in increasing your performance and allow you to take advantage of more memory. But please remember, the computer will only go as fast as its slowest components. A computer with 8GBs of RAM and only using an Intel Pentium 4 Processor will still see slow performance as all the brain power of the computer is much slower than every other part.

The other reason to upgrade is the software. As new computers come out, the software company will program their software for computers that are considered the industry standard. A computer that is too old will not run certain software as well as a brand new computer released this year. Another reason for upgrading is that hardware companies are constantly improving their product. Everything is becoming more reliable and we’re seeing lower failure rates with hardware. For example, 5 years ago the Standard Solid State Drive was still a bit buggy and many people experienced issues. Fast forward to today and Solid State Drives are almost the industry standard as the speed is much faster than Hard Disk Drives, the size is almost the same but the reliability is much better and we are seeing lower failure rates. For these reasons alone, you should consider upgrading your computer or you will definitely see your computer get slower the older it gets.

Updating Windows

You have probably heard many techs say, “Restart your computer so it can update”. This isn’t a ploy or some tin foil hat scheme. The reason we ask you to do this, is to get your computer to download and install the latest Windows Updates. No programming is bugless and the more we advance in programming, the more bugs we’ll see. Patching your computer on a regular basis will keep many of those bugs from showing their ugly heads and even fix a bad bug that you might already be experiencing.

Another reason is to patch holes in Windows Security. Hackers are always trying to find new ways to break into Windows. Microsoft will regularly find these holes and plug them. Keeping your Computer updated will keep those hackers at bay and your computer safe. The last thing a Windows update will do, is upgrade some programs offered by Microsoft. You will probably see new versions of Internet Explorer and this is to fix major bugs and holes in the software. Please be aware that NOT updating your software can make your computer vulnerable as Microsoft will eventually stop supporting their old software.

Hopefully this article has been helpful for you. Understanding why upgrading and updating are important can keep those computer headaches away.


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