What Happens in Vegas…Comes Back to F12 – Clare Tries

What happens when you mix 7 Networkers, Las Vegas, and VTN? You get a whole lot of exciting strategy, awesome ideas for the future of F12, and 7 Networkers Making IT Fun!

The Venture Tech Network (VTN) is a North American organization of independent professional IT firms who focus on small to midsize business. One of the perks of being a part of VTN is that we have a connection to reliable technicians who can service clients located far away from our Alberta branches. The VTN partner network is not just a network for businesses, it is a culture that encourages businesses to grow and be successful. From the moment you join the conference crowds and everyone is familiar and friendly (and they all know Networker Leanne), you can feel the community that has been cultivated throughout the history of VTN. We made our way from one incredible session to another, perused some new technologies at the tech fair, and enjoyed quality time with incredible people. At VTN you are more than just a member of a partner network, you are a member of the VTN family and everyone has each other’s backs. The most amazing experience at the conference was by far the incredible reputation that F12 Networks has within the community. Everyone I met had nothing but wonderful things to say about F12. I was already darn proud to call myself a Networker, but at VTN in Las Vegas it felt pretty amazing to tell everyone I was part of such an awesome company.

Witnessing the reputation that F12 Networks has within the VTN community made me wonder, how can the future generations of Networkers possibly live up to this? The answer came with sunshine, over-sized margarita slushies, and a poolside view. When you have 7 Networkers, margaritas, and an exciting innovative atmosphere the only possible result is heated discussions about the strategy and future vision for F12. Being part of so much excitement and passion made me truly realize that every Networker, including myself, has the power to spark change for the better within F12. In fact, this is one of the greatest things about F12 Networks. We all have the opportunity to innovate change here, as long as we are passionate, determined, and just downright ‘Give An F12’. I left Vegas with no doubt in my mind that 2015 is going to be the most incredible year F12 has seen yet!

Stay tuned, with each VTN conference will come a new wave of awesome strategies to make IT easier and a lot more fun!

Clare Tries


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