Created in a basement home office in Edmonton, Alberta as System Systems Inc, what began as one man’s hobby in 1992, slowly developed into an entrepreneurial venture in 1996. By the end of that same year, the company had expanded to include five business partners, and the basement office was soon left behind as System Systems Inc soon incorporated and moved to its first real office space.

The goals of the company were to sell, install and service personal computers, while also providing “how to” training on these new systems. As word of mouth began to spread, so did the System Systems Inc client base, and by 1999, the increased team of eight moved to a larger working space.

The company continued to develop, as did the rest of the IT industry. Always aware of the changing market, System Systems Inc decided to change its focus from hardware sales to IT service & support. It was at this time the company began operating under the name SSI Solutions.

For the next four years, SSI Solutions focused on providing network solutions to small and medium sized businesses. The company formed a number of close, long term relationships with clients and suppliers, paving the way for new opportunity and growth. By May of 2003, the Edmonton business had increased to a team of 25, and a Calgary location was established, with a new team of three employees.

The following three years brought a new culture to SSI Solutions; one of energy, innovation and dedication. Process and structure were also established during this time, in order to prepare for the company’s next phase of growth. The business partners’ awareness of industry trends created new sales, human resource and product implementation ideas, indicating that SSI Solutions was ready to expand yet again.

In November of 2006, SSI Solutions announced the purchase of CPU Technologies, a reputable IT service company in Calgary. The new venture welcomed CPU Technology employees to their new workplace and soon SSI Solutions doubled in size. Then, in July of 2009, the company announced a merger with Twin Solutions Inc., another Calgary-based business with a strong history of delivering contracted Managed Services. Six employees joined the team, including a new Chief Operating Officer and Senior Client IT Manager.

In 2011, the company, realizing an opportunity to provide industry-leading innovation, re-branded itself into what is now known as F12 Networks, including a groundbreaking IT Support System known as F12 Connect.

2012 and 2013 involved further expansion for F12 Networks. New facilities were developed in Calgary, Edmonton and Red Deer. These facilities feature open-concept, funky designs, and highlights the fun, innovative and dedicated culture that is an important part about being an “F12 Networker”.