What’s What: Windows 10 – Brandon Moore

Windows 10 launches some time in 2015, but details have been flying well ahead from Microsoft’s information releases.

  1. The Start Menu makes a triumphant return with an enhanced and highly customizable hybrid of the Windows 7 and 8.1 versions. For the more luddite-minded amongst us, yes, you can make it look just like Windows XP if you want; however, Microsoft still stubbornly refuses to add the butter-churning app you’ve been requesting.
  2. Internet Explorer 12 has a new User Interface that looks like a cross between Chrome and Firefox and finally has a much needed plugin system. By combining the best of both, Internet Explorer 12 looks to be a solid improvement over the last iteration. Perhaps it is time to give it a shot!
  3. Cortana, Microsoft’s attempt at a Siri-esque verbal PC navigation and search app, also launches with Windows 10. Hopefully when complete, it won’t also act like Siri. (That is, constantly misunderstand you, flip a coin, and do whatever it feels like while laughing at you in binary.)
  4. Windows 8-style apps will now launch in their own re-sizable windows instead of filling the whole screen, thereby making them much easier and quicker to close when you accidentally open one.
  5. Through a massive and severe oversight, they still have not brought back Space Cadet Pinball. Hope springs eternal.

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