Your Comprehensive Medical Practice IT Checklist


2020 was a challenging year, most of all for medical professionals, and 2021 will continue to present unique challenges.

At F12, we understand the strain this has put on medical and health professionals; that’s why we put together a comprehensive medical IT services checklist to keep your business safe from cyber threats. 

COVID-19’s Impact on the Medical Industry


The medical, dental, and eye care industries have suffered tremendously in the last year. During the multiple lockdowns, practices lost billions in revenue. For many, the loss in revenue costs practices 5-10 years of growth. 

Simultaneously, many medical industry heroes lost their lives in 2020, working to prevent the spread and save others. The hard work of combating the virus has strained medical professionals’ mental health, especially medical practice owners.

While the government hastily provided a healthcare wage subsidy, it did not apply to all practices. Further, the trials and lengthy process of applying wasn’t feasible for many health care practices. This means medical professionals have had much more to deal with than just an epidemic. Making up for lost revenue, rebuilding their businesses, the increased cost and demand for protective gear and the loss of many valuable employees has placed tremendous strain on health care professionals. 

The medical industry has faced the most significant demands of any other industry in the past year. For example, medical practices had to pay for masks, shields, gloves directly, and cleaning supplies out of pocket to ensure a safe and effective protocol. Simultaneously, doctors worked long hours with more required resources to handle a limited number of patients, undoubtedly increasing spending while limiting revenue, a losing battle for most. 

Despite this, medical professionals have gone above and beyond to ensure adequate treatment for their patients, including medical doctors and nurses and everyone in the healthcare industry. 

The commitment to staff and patients to receive exceptional and safe treatment for “non-critical” industries has set the standard as we advance. Regardless of the challenges faced, medical professionals are doing everything they can to help those in need. 

Our Gratitude to Health Care Workers


At F12, we know the heroic efforts and trials medical staff have gone through in the last year. It has been truly astounding for us to see the extraordinary efforts accomplished despite working with so little. The fantastic work done by tireless health professionals has put trust back in their patents. 

Despite new strains of the virus and continued lockdowns across Canada, we know that doctors and medical staff will remain open and prepared for future threats. 

We will always remember these efforts, and just as doctors go above and beyond to ensure health and safety for all, we want to make sure medical staff are protected. 

Time to Focus on IT


While the Coronavirus plagues the world, digital viruses are infecting our data. We understand that medical professionals need to put all their efforts into taking care of patients and saving lives. They don’t have the time and energy to address cyber-threats to patient data while also combating COVID-19.

What do these threats look like? It can be as simple as harmful individuals taking advantage of business owners or doctors by targeting patient data, known as “Infecting a Network” and “Holding Patients’ Data Hostage.”

Check out our comprehensive medical IT checklist to show you how to keep your medical business and patients safe. 

Your Comprehensive IT Checklist to Get Through 2021


❏ Easy and Secure Remote Access – To support work from home.

❏ Video Collaboration – To meet with staff and patients remotely. 

❏ Comprehensive Cyber Insurance – To cover unexpected costs. 

❏ Ongoing Cybersecurity Training – To help keep your IT safe. 

❏ Validated Backup and Recovery – To recover from the worst. 

❏ Patch Management – To guard against those other viruses. 

❏ Managed IT Lifecycle – To prevent costly downtime. 

❏ Trusted IT Partner – To have your back, come what may.

F12 IT Solutions

We are here to keep your business safe so that you can get back to doing what you do best, caring for your patients. We specialize in fully-managed IT services, offering solutions and round the clock support for the healthcare industry.

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