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December 7, 2021 | 
Company News Inc.(“F12”) is pleased to announce today the acquisition of My Blue Umbrella (MBU), a full-service IT business-transformation company in the Greater Toronto Area. The move marks F12’s eleventh acquisition and puts F12 over 250 employees nationally, with 90 in the province of Ontario. Through this acquisition, MBU complements F12’s innovative approach to digital transformation and the modern workplace. Featured on UpCity
November 23, 2021 | 

We are happy to announce that we are a part of the UpCity community of top B2B service providers!

Upgrading to Windows 11 - A First Look From a Non-Techy Lense
November 15, 2021 | 

While F12’s solutions design team is busy testing and hardening Windows 11 for the business world, many are starting to get their first look at consumer devices. So, our CMO, Devon Gillard, asked his father-in-law, Murdoch Macleod, a retired journalist, to share his experience. And he didn’t hold back!

November 2, 2021 | 
Company News

  EDMONTON, Alberta, November 2, 2021 – Inc. (“F12”) announces it is implementing a $70,000 minimum annual salary for all employees by the end of 2022. F12’s goal is to attract and retain the best talent to offer business clients a superior technology service experience. F12’s bold move to increase its minimum annual salary means […]

CTO versus outsourcing IT
September 3, 2021 | 

Technology is constantly evolving, with innovators launching new products and services regularly. For any business to thrive and expand, it’s essential to stay up-to-date and adapt to any market changes. You may think that you need to hire a Chief Technical Officer (CTO) but is that really the best move for your company, read on to find out.

F12 Infinite Blog
September 3, 2021 | 

We are proud to present F12 Infinite – our very own full-service, subscription-based solution for any Canadian business looking for managed IT services. This is the future of managed IT. F12 Infinite delivers on what other services merely promise: it relieves the burden of dealing with technology from your business. Rather than spending time researching IT solutions, you can go back to building your core business. Our team has got your back where anything IT-related is concerned. 

Vital IT Considerations During Mergers & Acquisitions
August 27, 2021 | 

Merging businesses can be stressful for owners, management teams, and employees. Problems with information technology (IT) on either side will only compound the workload involved in the process. Here is a closer look at what to look out for and how to avoid pitfalls.

August 16, 2021 | 

DaaS is an all-inclusive virtual cloud desktop service designed for businesses of all sizes. In previous decades, organizations had to purchase desktop computers (and allied hardware) for each employee and equip them with all the necessary software. They also had to recruit an IT team to maintain, troubleshoot, and update all their computer systems, resulting in substantial technology overheads.

What is IT Infrastructure, and Why does it Matter for Your Business
July 28, 2021 | 

In 2021, it is impossible to imagine any business running without an IT infrastructure. We have come to rely on information technology for virtually every aspect of our working and personal lives. Here is a closer look at what IT infrastructure means, why it is so essential for your business, and how you can protect yourself from IT problems.

Use at own Risk
July 7, 2021 | 

Billions of email users are aware of the risks of phishing. But what about ‘smishing’? It’s a growing trend with cybercriminals and potentially a threat to anyone using a smartphone. Understanding smishing is essential. Here is how to spot smishing attempts and how to protect yourself and your business against them.