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Top-Rated Vancouver IT Company, F12

200 - 17577 56 Avenue, Surrey, BC V3S 1C4
Tel: (604) 576-9522

Looking for a Vancouver IT Company?
Our Vancouver Location Offers Our Full Range of IT Solutions

Do you want to spend more time effectively using your IT and less time managing it? You need a strong partner who understands your business and can offer bold ideas and recommendations. This is why you need a top-rated Vancouver IT company on your team. We offer solutions tailored to your:

Resources: whether you have existing IT resources or require a turn-key solution.

Need: the specific challenge(s) you are facing.

Industry: we offer many solutions tailored to industry.

We are your best choice for a Vancouver IT company. We are not looking to be your vendor; we want to be your partner. We work to empower you through leading-edge Vancouver managed IT services and solutions.

F12 in Vancouver, British Columbia

  • Our Vancouver Location
  • Some Background on Our Vancouver Location
  • Our Presence in British Columbia
  • Managing Partner in Vancouver
  • Careers at F12 in Vancouver
  • M&A in Vancouver

Our Vancouver Location

200 – 17577 56 Avenue,
Surrey, BC
V3S 1C4
Tel: (604) 576-9522

Some Background on Our Vancouver Location

F12’s Vancouver office has been part of British Columbia’s technology sector for nearly fifty years. Initially known as Vancouver IT company Basic Business Systems, Gord Brow founded the company in 1976 in Surrey, selling typewriters and calculators. By 1995 the company was selling reliable computer systems to businesses throughout BC.

The company continued to evolve over the years. With new owners in 2008, Basic Business Systems rebranded as Level4 Technologies and shifted focus from technology products to fully managed IT services. And after forging a relationship in the Trust X Alliance community, Level4 Technologies joined in 2018. As the leading Vancouver IT company, our office services Burnaby, Coquitlam, Surrey, Richmond, Langley, and Abbotsford.

Our Presence in British Columbia

F12 has a wide footprint in British Columbia. Not just a top-rated Vancouver IT company, we also have offices in Nelson, Courtenay, Victoria, and Vernon. Over the last ten years, local businesses with decades of history in BC’s technology sector have joined the F12 family, deepening our roots in the province. We are excited to continue helping companies in BC thrive with our comprehensive IT programs.

Managing Partner in Vancouver

Darin Eash, Director of Sales and Managing Partner for, has assisted business leaders with technology decisions and services for over a decade. His team is one of the top providers of fully managed IT services in all of BC, consistently ranking in the top five percent in customer satisfaction among Vancouver IT companies.

Careers at F12 in Vancouver

Do you want to work for a Vancouver IT company that values and rewards innovation, effort, and results? Our tight-knit culture creates a motivated workforce positioned to achieve both corporate strategic goals and personal career growth.

We believe that IT should be easy for businesses, that interacting with clients should be fun, and that professional accountability must be high.

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M&A in Vancouver

British Columbia and Vancouver IT companies that have joined F12 include Level4 Technologies Inc., SITKUM IT, OnDeck Systems Inc., and Protocol Technologies Inc.

F12 is open to new partnerships with existing MSP owners (strictly confidential) looking for an exit strategy, greater financial security, or cash compensation.

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