Your company’s vision doesn’t include hours, days and nights figuring out IT solutions. That’s okay, ours does.

F12 delivers business IT support for organizations that understand that technology should help, not interfere, with productivity.

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You are seriously business-minded, and you’re probably seriously busy. We know you don’t have time for, well, downtime, when your IT isn’t running as advertised. F12’s fully-managed, give-back-your-freedom, set-it-and-forget-it suite of IT support and services has got your back.

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Our most streamlined package when cost management is king. We supply fully-managed IT support; you supply the hardware.

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A.K.A., the total freedom package. If you’re in growth mode, check out F12 Plus for its simplicity, value and security—perks that happen when fully-managed IT support meets standardized hardware, licensing and warranties.

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Think you need a Chief Technology Officer? You may just need one of F12’s Advisors. All the benefits of F12 Plus while leveraging the expertise of technology management professionals who can help build your business at the same time.

All service offerings were designed on the premise that in order to deliver the best managed IT services experience, that experience must be all-inclusive, and always available for one flat, no surprises, monthly fee…Learn More


We are one of Canada’s leading authorities on business IT support and technology, and its future. Read what’s been on our mind.

Proof Positive

Anyone can say they’ve got the right solutions for your IT. But we’re not anyone. View some real-world client case studies that support our claims.

Opa! of Greece

Opa! of Greece, one of Canada’s fastest-growing restaurant chains, is shaking up the “fast food” market with delicious, wholesome, Mediterranean cuisine and excellent customer service. However, unreliable email on failing servers was interfering with Opa!’s communications with its rapidly growing team of franchisees and putting its overall growth potential at…

Carmel Bay

Carmel Bay Exploration Ltd. was a junior oil & gas company that opened its doors in 2011 in an extremely competitive market. Starting from nothing, Carmel needed a turnkey computing infrastructure solution setup quickly–without an up-front capital investment and without distraction.

About F12

We love IT. And we love supporting your business goals with continuous, fully-managed IT services.

F12 is not your typical IT support and services company. With locations in British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario, we’re your IT partner in helping your business run seamlessly, always.

F12. Consider IT done.

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