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Top-Rated Nelson IT Company, F12

A – 1016 Seventh Street, Nelson, BC V1L 7C2
Tel: (250) 352-6556

Looking for a Nelson IT Company? Our Nelson Location Offers Our Full Range of IT Services

Suppose you want to spend more time taking advantage of technology’s benefits and less time managing its complexities. In that case, you need a Nelson IT company that understands your business just as much as the IT that runs it. We are the one-stop shop for Nelson IT companies.

We can support your IT department or be a fully outsourced solution, which is why we are among the top Nelson IT companies. Check out the full range of IT services available through our Nelson office.

F12 in Nelson, British Columbia

  • Our Nelson Location
  • Some Background on Our Nelson Location
  • Our Presence in British Columbia
  • Managing Partner in Nelson
  • Careers at F12 in Nelson
  • M&A in Nelson

Our Nelson Location

1016 Seventh Street Unit A,
Nelson, BC
V1L 7C2
Tel: (250) 352-6556

Some Background on Our Nelson Location

Sitkum IT Managed Services has been a leading Nelson IT company since 2011, delivering proven solutions to many organizations in diverse verticals across the Kootenay region. After developing a longstanding relationship in the Trust X Alliance community, Skitkum joined F12 in 2017, combining our elite services and talented teams.
Our Nelson office serves the West Kootenay region of southeastern British Columbia.

Our Presence in British Columbia

F12 has a wide footprint in British Columbia. In addition to being a Nelson IT company, we also have offices in Vancouver, Courtenay, Victoria, and Vernon. Over the last ten years, local businesses with decades of history in BC’s technology sector have joined the F12 family, deepening our roots in the province. We are excited to continue helping companies in BC thrive with our comprehensive IT programs.

Managing Partner in Nelson

Mike Lazier, the owner of Sitkum and Managing Partner for, Kootenays, has been helping business leaders with technology decisions and services for over fifteen years and is deeply rooted in the Nelson Community.

“Joining F12 provides access to talent and technology resources which empowers us to better serve our customers beyond what we could achieve independently,” says Mike.

Careers at F12 in Nelson

Do you want to work for a Nelson IT company that values and rewards innovation, effort, and results? Because we work hard to foster a positive working environment, our team exceeds their corporate and personal career goals.

We believe in accessible IT solutions for businesses, friendly relationships with clients, and high standards for professional accountability.

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M&A in Nelson

In addition to Sitkum, other British Columbia IT companies that have joined F12 include Level4 Technologies Inc., OnDeck Systems Inc., and Protocol Technologies Inc.

F12 is open to new partnerships with existing MSP owners (strictly confidential) looking for an exit strategy, greater financial security, or cash compensation.

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