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Case Study: Manufacturing Company


A Canadian industrial manufacturing business with world-leading coatings to extend and protect the life of fabricated metal products.

Disaster Preparations

Disaster planning and business continuity were not the top considerations for this company when seeking a new technology partner.  They selected F12 to help modernize IT and improve the day-to-day experience for their staff.

Nevertheless, F12 included a comprehensive disaster recovery solution in the full-service offering selected by this industrial company. The disaster recovery plan went beyond backups, it included private-cloud standby services, image-based recovery, and spare infrastructure equipment under an “as-a-service” model.

Disaster Strikes

Unexpectedly, a fire broke out in the early morning hours one weekend when no one was on-site. The prevailing winds and chemical fumes complicated fire suppression, requiring sixty firefighters to don full hazmat suits. It took several hours to quell the inferno and, ultimately, the building was a total loss.

Recovering from Disaster

F12 first became aware of an issue when alerts were raised early in the morning that critical servers had gone offline. F12 sprung into action, restoring back-office services in our private cloud, procuring, and configuring replacement assets for essential staff, and assisting in standing up a small network in an offsite location.

By Monday, the business had replacement laptops, network access, hosted servers, and remote access to their critical back-office systems. The plant was down, but the business could still collect AR, process payroll, and communicate with suppliers and customers.

Today, this organization is stronger than ever. Decades of experience and a reputation for exceptional customer service helped them overcome this disaster. That, and a little help from F12.

Note: We have redacted client names from online case studies and testimonials to mitigate cyber threats from social engineering like phishing and pretexting. Contact F12 to review our client list or to connect directly with the business leaders we support.