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Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

Elevate your organization’s cyber security by adding a CISSP-certified professional to your team.

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Security Is No Place for Amateurs

The financial stability and reputation of your business are vital for continued success. That’s why you should rely on the wealth of experience and knowledge provided by F12’s Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSP). Don’t leave your security to chance — trust the professionals at F12 to safeguard your business.

Benefits to Working With a Certified Information Systems Security Professional

Why hire a Certified Information Systems Security Professional?

CISSP security consultants are highly esteemed professionals with proven expertise in designing, implementing, and managing top-notch cyber security programs. As a result, they are an invaluable resource for providing trustworthy security advice.

  • Expertise in industry standards
  • Up-to-date threat landscape knowledge
  • Tailor security solutions
  • Remediate security weaknesses
  • Develop policies & procedures
  • Mature cybersecurity governance
  • Comply with regulations & standards
  • Respond to incidents effectively
  • Elevate cybersecurity culture
  • Strategic long-term security guidance

CISSP Security Consulting From F12

Most companies don’t require a dedicated security consultant on their staff, and finding one can prove challenging. F12 provides specialized cyber security consulting services customized to meet your specific requirements.

Security Assessments

Enhance your security posture by engaging with a Certified Information Systems Security Professional to evaluate and empower your cyber security defences.

Compliance Consultation

Receive expert guidance in aligning your cyber security protocols with industry regulations and standards.

Virtual CIO Services

Elevate your ongoing security governance with a Virtual Chief Security Officer (vCIO).

Penetration Testing

Verify the effectiveness of your network defences and incident response capabilities by subjecting them to a rigorous ethical hacking assessment.

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2023 Cyber Security Predictions

We invited Watchguard CSO Corey Nachreiner to share his 2023 cyber security predictions. Get insider info on how your company can prepare for the future.

What our client says about our services.

Vice President - Capital Management
Satisfying the scrutiny of large international institutional investors is vital for our firm. F12 has made it easy to respond to due diligence questions about our cybersecurity posture. In fact, it is essential they attend meetings to answer our investors' IT questions.