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Chronicles of a Cyber Breach with BlackPoint Cyber

Date: March 27, 2024

Time: 1:00 pm - 1:45 pm Eastern Time

Chronicles of a Cyber Breach with Blackpoint Cyber Webinar Banner

If you have never lived through a cyber breach (and we hope you haven’t) you have not experienced the crushing sense of chaos, uncertainty, and exposure that arises in its aftermath. Yet, those who have survived one gain incredible insight into how to plan and prepare for the next event.  If only there was a way to gain this insight without having to experience the pain…


Enter our upcoming webinar series, “Chronicles of a Cyber Breach,” where the intricate narratives of how these breaches transpired and their profound impact on business leaders find a voice. Join us as we dive into the emotional rollercoaster—from the initial shock to the triumphant rise—of organizations who have faced cyber breaches head-on.




  • Gripping tales that go beyond the technical jargon.
  • Insights into the real impact and lessons learned.
  • Practical advice to fortify your cyber defenses.


Mark your calendars for part 1 of our series featuring Blackpoint Cyber.


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