What to Do if You’ve Forgotten Your Password

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Forgotten your password after the summer?

close up image showing a password field on a form

Want some quick tips for password recovery?

As kids return to school and adults return to work, you may be experiencing forgotten passwords, locked-out accounts, and other security changes. Here are a few quick tips to help you recover your password or unlock your account.

Quickpass is a handy application that allows you to manage your account from your smartphone.  You can check when your password is set to expire, securely reset your password, or unlock your account.

Get ready to recover your password

Here’s how Quickpass works:

QuickPass User Setup Guide

Video Tutorials:

quickpass homepage, useful if you've forgotten your password






What is Quickpass?

What is Quickpass






How to download Quickpass

How to download Quickpass





How to setup Quickpass

How to setup Quickpass






How to use Quickpass

We hope these tips will help make password changes a little easier.

With or without Quickpass, the F12 team is here to help you with any technical challenges that crop up this fall.