How DaaS can help your business scale with ease

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What is DaaS? And how can it help your business scale?


Device-as-a-Service, or DaaS, is an all-inclusive virtual cloud desktop service designed for businesses of all sizes. In previous decades, organizations had to purchase desktop computers (and allied hardware) for each employee and equip them with all the necessary software. They also had to recruit an IT team to maintain, troubleshoot, and update all their computer systems, resulting in substantial technology overheads.


Today, virtual desktop workspaces have become the norm thanks to a growing mobile workforce. The best DaaS solutions are virtual workspace with 24/7 technical support, needed software, shared storage, and remote backups. All these deliver competitive advantages for businesses looking to cut costs, improve efficiency and reduce overheads.


Let’s take a look at how DaaS can help your business scale with ease.

Expand remote workforce


A virtual desktop provides top-notch security for businesses with remote employees using BYOD. With DaaS, your employees can use their own devices to log in to their desktop environment while maintaining network security and data protection. A centrally monitored DaaS environment minimizes the risk of unmonitored and unauthorized apps spreading malware through the corporate network. Employees can access their work and data on any device, anywhere, at any time, making DaaS a practical option for businesses with a geographically distributed workforce.


Strong cybersecurity posture


DaaS reduces the possibility of unauthorized access and data theft by malicious actors. Organizations can quickly deactivate accounts and remove the login credentials of employees immediately after they leave. This also minimizes hardware vulnerabilities in the event of lost or hacked devices. You can add additional security protocols to prevent unauthorized access, and there’s no need to worry about data loss/theft since all the essential data is in the cloud. By enabling a strong cybersecurity posture, DaaS helps businesses to worry less about malicious actors and focus on building innovative products and expanding their client base.


Ease of Deployment


Not only does DaaS reduce software license costs by sharing needed apps through a centrally hosted environment, but it also reduces the need for a large IT department. Once all the necessary software is installed and updates are complete on the host machine, it’s automatically replicated across all virtual desktops in the network. 


This makes it easy to set up new employees. All you need to do is to add them as a new user and provide the login credentials. This allows you to quickly scale your business’ reach and human resources capital while minimizing costs. It also helps to reduce the need/cost of technical support for companies with many employees.




Protecting consumer data has become even more critical than ever. Regardless of size or industry, every business must comply with regulatory policies regarding the collection, storage, usage, and transmission of sensitive consumer data. DaaS simplifies the process of compliance through strict access and data usage protocols. It also keeps data safe by setting up user accounts in a way that enhances security. Businesses can also apply new policies to the centrally hosted environment, and the system will replicate it across all user accounts.


Wrapping Up


DaaS is an excellent option for businesses with many employees or businesses scaling quickly and cannot take on hardware or IT infrastructure costs.


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