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On-Site IT Support

Gain the familiarity of friendly deskside support backed by the scale and sophistication of a proactive help desk.

F12 robot who represents on site it support.

Level-up User Satisfaction With Embedded IT

Augment your service desk with professional on-site IT support without the hassle and distraction of managing internal IT resources. Embedded IT means you have the power of a national IT-managed services provider and the exceptional service experience of an in-person IT concierge.

Benefits of Having On-Site IT Support

When Should Outsourced IT Support Be Delivered On-Site?

Service desks are the cornerstone of rapid, accountable, and scalable outsourced IT support. But sometimes, they’re not enough. Application complexity, production requirements, or staff needs may require regular in-person deskside assistance.

  • Consistent support
  • Intimate staff attention
  • Systems familiarity
  • Improved cultural connection
  • Prompt resolution of IT issues
  • Business application knowledge
  • Third-Party vendor management
  • Co-ordination of IT issues
  • Advocate for staff needs
  • Proactive investigations

Four Reasons Companies Select On-Site IT Support

Remote support is usually the fastest, most cost-effective method to deliver IT services.  Yet, here are some crucial reasons why companies add on-site IT support for an extra fee.

Specific Team Needs

Satisfy demands for executive white glove support or additional end-user guidance and training.

Unique Systems

Ensure dedicated technicians intimately know critical applications or production systems and their vendors.

Frequent Change

Maintain operational IT awareness and cohesions during periods of rapid expansion or change.

Gain Strategic Capacity

Liberate internal IT to focus on business differentiating projects by outsourcing onsite support needs.

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