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Canada's Sovereign Cloud

Jurisdictional compliance meets exceptional cyber security, availability, and performance with F12’s boutique private cloud services.

F12 robot who represents Sovereign Cloud solutions.

There's No Place Like Home

Data residency isn’t what it once was. New legislation like the CLOUD act means international cloud providers must violate local sovereignty. However, F12’s Sovereign Cloud is wholly Canadian-owned and operated. Therefore, it is under the sole jurisdiction of Canada.

Benefits of the F12 Sovereign Cloud

Who Needs Sovereign Cloud Services?

F12’s sovereign cloud services suit any organization seeking data protection, retention, or compliance within Canada’s jurisdiction. As a result, organizations often select the F12 sovereign cloud to satisfy regulators, appease customers, and entice investors while limiting their jurisdictional exposure.

  • Canadian data sovereignty
  • Canadian jurisdictional control
  • Simplified compliance
  • Independence and control
  • High Availability and Geo-redundancy
  • Extreme low latency
  • Boutique workload management
  • Sovereign data interconnections
  • Improved data and workload mobility
  • SOC 2 Type 2 Certified

Canadian Sovereign Cloud Services

One flat monthly fee. No hidden extras.

F12 is the only Cloud Service Provider to deliver Canadian cloud solutions with simple pricing structures and all-inclusive, flat-fee cost certainty. The F12 Cloud covers everything: computing, storage, internet, backup, cyber security, management (MSSP), and support. And it makes compliance a breeze.
F12 offers tailored solutions that empower organizations to seize digital economic advantages without sacrificing compliance, performance, or cyber security.

High Availability Hosting

Built on VMware technology, F12’s sovereign cloud hosting includes multiple layers of data security and service resiliency.

Sovereign Data Backup

Confidently and securely backup sensitive data offsite without violating data sovereignty.

Geo-Redundant Hosting

Maximum resilience and availability with secure workload replication across multiple Canadian data centres.

Sovereign Disaster Recovery

Preserve business continuity with rapid workload failover and fallback without crossing borders.

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Sovereign Cloud Solutions

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What is the Sovereign Cloud?

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Learn about the Sovereign Cloud from our CTO

Discover why the Sovereign Cloud is becoming the leading choice for organizations looking to increase resilience, reduce jurisdictional exposure and improve cloud performance. In this brisk conversation, F12’s CTO, Calvin Engen, explains what the Sovereign Cloud is and why F12 is trusted by thousands of IT decision makers across the country to manage mission-critical workloads.

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What our client says about our services.

Credit Union CEO
F12 is exactly what we need. I am now able to sleep at night and have seen first-hand how F12 has saved us from ransomware.
Controller, Canadian Manufacturing Company
The F12 team has gone out of its way month after month trudging through the day-to-day demands of our facility with an enthusiasm and professionalism that I have not experienced before. Great job!
Private Equity Firm CEO
Having F12 manage our IT and provide security assessments on our investments has been a huge benefit and simplifies our collective IT environment.

Medical Centre Practice Manager
I always go out of my way to recommend F12 as my IT provider.