March F12 Digest – March came in like a lion…🦁

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In like a lion…

March is named after the Roman god, Mars. Why? Because it’s the time of year when ancient countries would resume military campaigns that had been interrupted by winter. (In Canada, that sentence does not compute.) But at F12, we think it’s still a pretty appropriate name, because we’re gearing up for our own war—on cybercrime. ⚔️

Indigo, Canada’s biggest book-and-lifestyle chain, was felled by a cyberattack last month. Customer information was safe, thankfully. However, Indigo’s employee data was compromised.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has partnered with OpenAI to create an AI-powered Bing search engine. (Remember Bing?) They’ve rolled it out to only a few testers, but early reports detail unsettling interactions with the chatbot.

These two examples reinforce the importance of cybersecurity. So let’s spend this month making sure your company’s data is secure and your business efficiencies are, well, efficient. We’re ready to suit up and wage war on cybercrime in your defence. Let’s do this.

The F12 Team

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